In the Village School’s Board of Trustees, Scott Cohen emerges as a significant presence.

In the Village School’s Board of Trustees, Scott Cohen emerges as a significant presence. His involvement as a distinguished member of this influential board underscores his commitment to propelling the school’s mission, vision, and purpose.

In close collaboration with the school’s Head, the Board of Trustees operates as a driving force in advancing the school’s core values. Each trustee, including Cohen, dedicates their expertise and focused attention to specific areas of significance. They actively participate in various trustee-led committees, including those focused on Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity, as well as Trustees, Development, Facilities, Finance, Legal, and Marketing.

Cohen, alongside his fellow Village School trustees, plays a pivotal role in providing leadership and support in shaping the school’s strategic direction. Their efforts extend to strategic planning, policy formulation, and the pursuit of long-term institutional objectives. At Village School, the learning environment thrives as a vibrant community, where educators tirelessly work to expand young minds. Simultaneously, parents collaborate in raising children who actively engage in the ever-evolving world.

With an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, Village School transcends conventional education. Its curriculum, extending beyond traditional subjects, catalyzes critical thinking, creative expression, and deliberate contemplation. Cohen’s participation embodies this spirit of cultivating tenacious problem solvers and empathetic, resilient thinkers.

The Village School ethos embraces a holistic approach, nurturing body, mind, heart, and soul. This encompasses a rich blend of arts, athletics, and fostering intentional stewardship. The school’s impact extends beyond its walls, encompassing the local community of Los Angeles and the broader global context.

The present moment underscores the importance of providing a sanctuary of comfort, care, and quality education. Village School, in collaboration with dedicated leaders like Scott Cohen, rises to this challenge. Amid dynamic innovation and collaborative idea-building, the school upholds its core values while celebrating diversity.

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