Serial Entrepreneur Scott Cohen Featured in Inc. Magazine: Lessons from a Unicorn Founder


We’re excited to share that Scott Cohen, co-founder of Byte, has been featured in Inc. Magazine. In this article, serial entrepreneur Scott Cohen opens up about his path to achieving a $1 billion valuation for Byte in under three years, all without venture capital and during a global pandemic. His story is a blend of determination, innovative thinking, and a deep focus on customer experience.

Scott Cohen recently appeared on the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s EO Wonder podcast with Kalika Yap. He shared some key takeaways from his entrepreneurial experience that have been pivotal to Byte’s success. He talks about the importance of getting comfortable with discomfort, emphasizing that tough times are inevitable in business. This mindset has allowed serial entrepreneur Scott Cohen to thrive even without the cushion of venture capital.

Data plays a big role in Byte’s operations. Scott Cohen explains how a strong focus on data has helped Byte make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and sustain growth. Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) across all business areas, from marketing to customer satisfaction, has been crucial. But Scott Cohen also notes that while data is essential, gut feelings guided by experience are equally important, especially when navigating uncertainty.

Another critical aspect of Byte’s success is the team. Scott Cohen values hiring people who are smarter than him in their respective fields. This approach has fostered a culture of trust and collaboration, enabling the company to leverage the diverse strengths of its team members. Serial entrepreneur Scott Cohen’s partnership with co-founder Blake Johnson is a perfect example of this, where their complementary skills have created a strong foundation for Byte.

Consumer experience is at the heart of Byte’s success. Scott Cohen emphasizes the importance of happy customers, who often become the best marketers for the brand. By focusing on delivering exceptional experiences, Byte has turned many customers into loyal advocates.

Serial entrepreneur Scott Cohen also highlights the importance of staying energized by purpose. His commitment to giving back through both business and philanthropic efforts has been a driving force. From providing affordable oral care to engaging in various charitable activities, Byte’s mission goes beyond just making a profit.

Looking ahead, serial entrepreneur Scott Cohen remains passionate about entrepreneurship. He is excited about new ventures, including Alter, a wellness platform aimed at making a difference in people’s lives. With a wealth of experience and a desire to create meaningful change, serial entrepreneur Scott Cohen continues to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Scott Cohen’s full article in Inc. Magazine offers more in-depth insights and can be found here. We hope you find his story as inspiring as we do!

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