Repeat entrepreneurs Scott Cohen and Blake Johnson built this unicorn in record time in what some have called one of the greatest direct-to-consumer success stories of the century.


Longtime Palisadian and entrepreneur, Scott Cohen, is stepping up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cohen, along with his business partner and best friend Blake Johnson, has shifted the focus of their company, byte, to deliver crucial personal protective equipment to frontline workers using 3D printing technology.

Scott Cohen: A Visionary and Community Leader

Raised in Washington, D.C., Cohen moved to the Palisades in 2008. He and Johnson, both University of Arizona alumni, have been best friends since college and started byte in 2017. Cohen has played an instrumental role in the company’s success, and he’s also deeply committed to his community, sponsoring local initiatives like the Pacific Palisades Baseball Association.

Byte: Innovation in Teledentistry

Cohen explained that byte, a direct-to-consumer teeth aligner company, provides smile adjustments through an innovative teledentistry platform. Orthodontists review impressions and create treatment plans using 3D models, allowing for custom aligners.

Based in Santa Monica, byte’s leadership team includes several Palisadians, with Cohen playing an essential role in steering the company’s direction and values.

From Smiles to Shields: Byte’s Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic led Cohen and byte to pivot their business model to address the medical supply shortage. They took their 150 3D printers, originally used for custom aligners, and repurposed them to create ventilator parts, medical face shields, and masks.

“During this unprecedented time, we want to do everything we can, in whatever way possible, to step up and contribute,” Cohen explained.

The company couldn’t keep up with the demand for reusable shields, so they shared their design with other 3D printing companies, encouraging greater production of these essential items.

Donations and Community Support

Cohen was at the forefront of donating face shields to local bus drivers, grocery clerks, and other essential workers in the Palisades. His dedication to the community was evident, as he also made significant contributions to Los Angeles Fire Department Stations 23 and 69 in the area.

“We had the good fortune to give back,” Cohen said, emphasizing the company’s commitment to supporting the local community.

Byte’s Ongoing Contributions: teledentistry and byteCares

Beyond the physical equipment, byte opened its teledentistry platform across the nation for free assistance through byteCares. Their goal is to give 10,000 people “a smile of their own for those that can’t otherwise access” treatment by 2022. Cohen’s passion for accessible dental care is an essential part of this mission.

Byte also continues to support the local economy by hiring at a fast rate, with Cohen declaring, “We continue to support our local community. The brand continues to grow and we continue to give back.”

Scott Cohen’s leadership at byte not only helped innovate the dental industry but has also made significant strides in supporting frontline workers during a global pandemic. His dedication to innovation, community, and giving back exemplifies a model of responsible entrepreneurship and community stewardship.

With Cohen at the helm, byte has become an essential part of the COVID-19 response, all while maintaining its commitment to the dental health of the nation.

His efforts represent a shining example of how business leadership can adapt and thrive while making a profound impact on society.

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