The Scott and Ashley Cohen Scholarship Program: Fueling the Entrepreneurial Dreams of University of Arizona Students

“We wouldn’t be where we are without a lot of help, and we want to make sure we do our part in the world to try to give back, especially in the areas of education, poverty alleviation, health, and community.”

Scott Cohen, University of Arizona Patron, Winter 2022

Philanthropy and education often go hand in hand, but it takes a special kind of commitment to truly make a difference in students’ lives. Enter the Scott and Ashley Cohen Scholarship Program for Entrepreneur Students at the University of Arizona. Scott Cohen, a ’96 alumnus, and Ashley Cohen, a ’99 alumna, have turned their attention and generosity toward aspiring entrepreneurs at their alma mater. Here’s how this fantastic scholarship program is changing lives and helping the leaders of tomorrow take their first big steps today.

What the Scholarship Offers

The Scott and Ashley Cohen Scholarship Program is designed to support students with a passion for entrepreneurship. It doesn’t just offer financial support; it gives students the freedom to explore their ambitions, chase their interests, and gain practical experience in the field of business. This scholarship program is a lifeline for students who, for various reasons, might find the financial aspect of college education a significant hurdle.

A Letter That Says It All

We recently received a heartfelt letter from Jojo Bassey, a current recipient of the Scott and Ashley Cohen Entrepreneurship Scholarship. It provides an intimate look at how transformative this scholarship can be:


l am truly honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Scott ’96 and Ashley ’99 Cohen Entrepreneurship Scholarship. I am currently a junior, who plans to major in both business marketing and entrepreneurship, due to some personal financial reasons I was facing difficulty in arranging some fees to pay for my school fees but thanks to your help and uttermost generosity, will be able to comfortably further my education.

From a young age, I had always found buying, selling, and trading to be very interesting. I have been so obsessed with business, that I ventured into many businesses at a young age, from selling candy in school to selling lemonade on my front lawn during summer holidays, snack delivery business, video, and audio editing for musicians. This scholarship will help fund the passion for business and entrepreneurship that I had developed in my younger years. My life goal is to be a successful entrepreneur who worked in the Marketing and Product Development Industry, my dream job is to work for an NFL team as their marketing director/lead.

Prior to being awarded this scholarship in my application, I mentioned that I had recently rushed and joined the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and that I would be running for Social Chair and T-Shirt. As of today, I am the T-Shirt Chair and member of the Social committee. This accomplishment is an indication that this entrepreneurial journey is the career field I am destined for.

In conclusion, this scholarship will make a great contribution to my study at the university. This scholarship will supplement my income, allow me to work less, focus more on my studies to pursue academic excellence and explore my passion and skills in the field of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Thank You for donating and investing in my future, words cannot capture my gratitude and appreciation. This scholarship will be a key piece in the journey I plan to execute after graduating. For the last time, I would like to say thank you very much for bestowing me with the honor of receiving this scholarship.



Letters like Jojo’s are a clear indicator of the impact Scott and Ashley Cohen are making. Their scholarship is not just about money; it’s about allowing students to live their college lives to the fullest. It offers them a chance to pursue extracritical activities, like joining fraternities and participating in social events, that can be vital for personal growth and professional networking.

Looking Ahead

The Scott and Ashley Cohen Scholarship Program has already started to make a tangible difference, but the story doesn’t end here. With passionate students like Jojo Bassey seizing the opportunity, the sky is truly the limit for what this scholarship can help achieve. Scott and Ashley Cohen aren’t just investing in individual students; they’re investing in the future of entrepreneurship, one scholarship at a time.

The generosity of Scott and Ashley Cohen offers more than just financial assistance; it offers hope, encouragement, and the very tangible means to pursue one’s dreams. To Scott and Ashley, we say thank you for making a difference. To the recipients, like Jojo, we say: your future is bright, and your dreams are within reach, thanks to this incredible scholarship program.

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