United Way of Greater Los Angeles – Centennial Anniversary Tribute Scott & Ashley Cohen Honored as one of Top100 Partners.

United Way

We are most grateful for the civic leadership and generosity of the Scott & Ashley Cohen Foundation to support the community and those in need.

Elise Buik, CEO of United Way Greater LA

For philanthropists like Scott Cohen, giving back to the community isn’t just an act; it’s a commitment. Scott Cohen’s recent work with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles is a prime example of how effective partnerships can lead to lasting, impactful changes. This collaboration has been particularly special, especially with Scott Cohen openly expressing the privilege he feels in working with the United Way and its remarkable CEO, Elise Buik.

United Way’s Century-Long Commitment

The United Way of Greater Los Angeles has been a force for good for an impressive 100 years. Over the decades, the organization has touched millions of lives and improved numerous communities. Scott Cohen had the honor of celebrating this significant milestone with the team, reflecting on the immense impact of United Way’s longstanding initiatives.

Scott & Ashley Cohen Foundation’s Contributions

The Scott & Ashley Cohen Foundation has been a pivotal contributor to United Way’s mission. Through their foundation, the Cohens have shown immense generosity, enabling more projects to be undertaken for the benefit of those in need. In her statement, Elise Buik expressed deep gratitude for the support provided by the Scott & Ashley Cohen Foundation, emphasizing how essential their contributions have been in serving the community.

A Synergistic Relationship

When it comes to philanthropy, one plus one often equals more than two, and that’s evident in this partnership. Scott Cohen’s business acumen and philanthropic insight, combined with Elise Buik’s visionary leadership, have created a synergistic relationship that greatly benefits the Greater Los Angeles community. The partnership is about more than just funding; it’s about shared values, common goals, and the aspiration to bring about tangible change.

The collaboration between Scott Cohen and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, led by Elise Buik, serves as a stellar example of what can be achieved when like-minded individuals come together for a cause. Whether it’s celebrating 100 years of positive community impact or planning for the future, the alliance between these two forces has set a new standard for community service and philanthropic endeavors. Both parties share a commitment to enriching lives, and it’s clear that their united efforts will continue to make a lasting difference.

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