Scott Cohen: Making a Difference on the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative’s (JGSI) Executive Advisory Board

“Scott has been one of the most influential board members at JGSI to our success as we have rapidly expanded our national footprint.  In addition to significant donations from him and his foundation, his leadership and mentorship to our organization and grad students has been tremendous.”

Dave Sorani, CEO at The Jewish Graduate Student Initiative

When you hear the name Scott Cohen, “award-winning visionary” might be the first phrase that comes to mind. From entrepreneurship to philanthropy, Scott has always been a mover and shaker. But did you know he’s also a key member of the Executive Advisory Board for the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative (JGSI)? In this role, Scott has been instrumental in helping the organization meet its objectives. So, let’s talk about how his involvement is shaping the future of Jewish graduate students across the nation.

The Jewish Graduate Student Initiative’s Mission

JGSI is the national movement for Jewish graduate students and alumni. Their mission is to support Jewish life on graduate campuses and to connect Jewish grads and alumni to their heritage and the wider Jewish community. The Jewish Graduate Student Initiative is committed to instilling Jewish values like ethical leadership, lifelong learning, and communal responsibility in graduate students. Through a range of dynamic, multidisciplinary programs, JGSI aims to shape the future leaders not just within the Jewish community, but also in diverse professional fields.

Scott Cohen’s Role on the Advisory Board

JGSI was founded in a UCLA classroom with just 15 students in 2011. Since then, JGSI has grown into the premier organization for Jewish grads across North America with a growing 8,100 participants yearly, 130 graduate schools, 530 annual programs, and based on the results of an independent study by University of Chicago Survey Lab, there has been a 97% increase in Jewish identity. As a member of the Executive Advisory Board since 2016, Scott Cohen is an active participant in shaping and guiding the organization’s strategies to achieve these accomplishments so far. Here’s how:

Strategic Guidance

Scott’s extensive experience in leadership roles makes him an ideal resource for strategic planning. With his advice, the JGSI can focus on scalable and sustainable methods to connect with graduate students. One of JGSI’s greatest assets is their extensive, high-profile executive and attorney speaker network. Scott Cohen is one of the hundreds of speakers who have been a keynote speaker to on-campus events for graduate students.

Resource Allocation

Scott’s keen business acumen also plays a part in how the JGSI allocates its resources. His knack for financial planning ensures that the organization has all its resources aligned and allocated, which in turn means better programs and more outreach.

Building Partnerships

One of Scott’s strong suits is his ability to forge meaningful connections. He has been actively involved in helping the JGSI form partnerships with other organizations and businesses. These collaborations not only expand the JGSI’s reach but also provide more opportunities for graduate students.


But it’s not just about strategic moves and partnerships. Scott also takes the time to mentor Jewish graduate students, offering valuable insights gained from his years in the business world. He provides a unique perspective that helps students get ahead.

The Impact of Scott Cohen’s Involvement

Since Scott joined the Advisory Board, the JGSI has seen significant growth in both reach and impact. More graduate students are benefiting from the program, and the organization has rolled out new initiatives that align with its mission.

  • Increased Participation: With Scott’s help in strategic planning, the JGSI has been able to target and reach a broader range of Jewish graduate students.
  • Enhanced Programming: Thanks to Scott’s advice on resource allocation, the JGSI has been able to offer richer, more diverse programming options for students.
  • Stronger Community: Scott’s efforts in partnership-building have contributed to a stronger, more connected Jewish graduate student community.

Scott Cohen’s involvement in the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative has proven to be a game-changer. His guidance, business know-how, and genuine concern for the betterment of Jewish graduate students make him an invaluable member of the Advisory Board. If you’re part of the JGSI or a Jewish grad student looking to join, you’re in great hands with Scott Cohen steering the way. So go ahead, tap into the network and resources that Scott and the JGSI have to offer—you won’t regret it!

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