Meet Scott Cohen: The Entrepreneur and Investor Who’s Changing the Game in Business and Philanthropy

A brief overview

Scott Cohen is a trailblazer with a passion for building great leadership teams to solve massive needs in large addressable markets.

Awards & Accolades

Numbers don’t lie

Scott Cohen is an award-winning visionary specializing in assembling top leadership teams to tackle big market opportunities. Check out the latest news about Scott Cohen from his latest lectures, activities, awards, and accomplishments.

Major Areas of Focus in Philanthropy

Scott Cohen’s dedication to enhancing education in the LA community shines through his philanthropic and non-profit leadership efforts, making a significant impact on local schools and fostering a brighter future for the next generation. He’s at the forefront of shaping educational policies and initiatives as a member of the University of Arizona Board of Trustees. Moreover, through the Scott and Ashley Cohen Scholarship Program at the University of Arizona, he’s directly supporting student entrepreneurs, helping them turn their business dreams into reality.

Targeting poverty alleviation, Scott Cohen’s non-profit leadership within Los Angeles has created lasting change, offering resources and hope to those most in need, especially through his co-founded initiative, byteCares, which provides essential oral care and educational resources to underserved communities. His contributions also include giveback programs during the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing support for various other non-profit organizations aimed at alleviating poverty. United Way recognizes Scott Cohen as one of the Top 100 leaders supporting Los Angeles underserved communities.

Passionate about health, Scott Cohen’s charitable initiatives in the LA community are dedicated to improving well-being and access to medical care, ensuring a healthier life for all. By serving on the Board of Directors for the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI), a Board of Trustees member of Providence Saint John’s Health Center and Cancer Institute, and as an advisory board member for DunkMS, a foundation focusing on Multiple Sclerosis, he’s actively contributing to advancements in medical research and patient support.

Guided by his deep faith, Scott Cohen’s philanthropic and non-profit efforts in Los Angeles are driven by spiritual values, uplifting the community and fostering connections that transcend differences. This is highlighted by his role as a member of the Advisory Board for the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative (JGSI). Through his involvement with JGSI, he helps guide the organization’s mission to support Jewish graduate students in their educational and spiritual development.

Successful business ventures

Scott has a strong history of creating and running successful brands and delivering great satisfaction to both investors and clients.

Scott Cohen standing beside the shelf.

Successful business ventures

Scott has a strong history of creating and running successful brands and delivering great satisfaction to both investors and clients.

See what people say about Scott

Sarah McDonald

Chief Brand Officer at Byte

“Scott is a one-of-a-kind business leader, whose vision, passion, and competitive drive shines through in everything he does. As Byte’s Co-Founder, I have had the privilege of working for him since the company launched. Scott has helped me realize my true potential, encouraging me to have a voice in our company and has supported me wherever needed as we built a leading brand.

I appreciate that he leads by example and not only looks out for the well-being of the company but every single employee. This set the tone for a winning culture. He is able to genuinely connect with everyone and is always thinking about the next big deal that will create meaningful impact across the company. I feel extremely lucky to have worked alongside Scott and the lessons he has taught me are invaluable.”

Bradley Keys

Head of Sales 180fusion

“To say that Scott is a leader is like saying Lebron James is a basketball player. Scott’s dedication to his team and drive to build the business is truly like no other I’ve seen.  Scott’s drive and determination lead to 180fusion’s successful acquisition by the Deluxe Corporation. He will always be a cornerstone to this organization and his values and inspiration continues to live on. It seems that whatever goal he sets, he achieves and I’m excited to track the ongoing success of his career.”

Julie Locke

Ernst & Young

“Scott is in a rare category as a unicorn entrepreneur who has bootstrapped his way to the top. He is an inspiration to so many entrepreneurs.  Both from winning the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award and serving voluntarily as a judge of the program for multiple years after that, he has made a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial community in Los Angeles. And the best part is, he is a kind, humble, and enjoyable person who treats everyone with respect and shares his knowledge with practicality and passion.”

Dave Sorani

CEO at The Jewish Graduate Student Initiative

“Scott has been one of the most influential board members at JGSI to our success as we have rapidly expanded our national footprint.  In addition to significant donations from him and his foundation, his leadership and mentorship to our organization and grad students has been tremendous.”

Alexandra Scholz

CEO at The Prostate Cancer Research Institute

“Scott has been a key pillar of the Board to help grow our reach of the PCRI mission by providing strategic guidance over the last decade. In addition, we deeply appreciate his donations to support our mission to eradicate prostate cancer.”

Saad Alam

Hone Health CEO

“Scott is arguably one of the best when it comes to bootstrapping businesses with complex funnel dynamics and turning them into industry leading solutions. He literally took on the smartest VCs in the world, who had invested $100’s of millions, and beat them at their game in shorter time horizon than anyone could have imagined. The insights he had were brilliant and the execution flawless. Scott was an incredible educator and then thought partner that taught me how to think about my business differently, re-create my strategy, and feel more confident with running with less capital. More importantly he came with no ego.”

Bo Pulito

Google, Global Partnerships

“Scott is an outstanding business leader. What distinguishes Scott from his peers is his strategic vision. He is adept at parsing out macro and micro trends that will impact his business. He is always thinking years ahead.”

Blake Arnet

DunkMS Founder

“Scott is a natural leader and strategic thinker , that has helped me improve as a leaders. His mentorship has been invaluable.”

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